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Many academic visitors are invited to campus to teach or conduct research for short periods that do not correspond with the summertime and their visit will be something less than a full semester. While summer sublets and sabbatical rentals (for a full semester or the academic year) are fairly plentiful, securing short-term housing other times of the year can be a challenge. There is no housing for visitors on the campus other than the Faculty Clubs, and most landlords are not anxious to rent for periods shorter than six months.

Your housing is primarily reliant on the rare, non-summertime vacation vacancies (sublets) offered by people who would like someone to live in their house or apartment while they are away. Secondly, there are private short-term rentals and privately-run "Bed and Breakfast" accommodations locally. Thirdly, there are various types of "corporate rentals" that offer fully furnished apartments - most of these are in communities outside of Berkeley. All of these types of rentals may be listed with Cal Rentals. Lastly, of course, there are Hotels and Motels.

We encourage you to subscribe to the rental listings services well in advance of your arrival and browse the short-term listings on a regular basis to see what may be listed that is suitable for you. Of course, you will have access to ALL the listings, and you may choose to examine the longer-term ads and try to negotiate your term of tenancy with the landlords. Do not be shy about asking listers whether dates and terms, and even the rent, might be negotiable.

You can initiate a subscription to the rental listing services (there is a one-time charge of $25) by clicking here.

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